Why You Should Use a Hunting Rangefinder – 10 Reasons Revealed

Rangefinder technology has undergone tremendous improvements over the years. Presently, the rangefinders in the market are not only more rugged in design; they’re also more accurate, faster, and affordable. If you’re an avid hunter, then owning this unit is necessary. The following are the top 10 reasons to start using a hunting rangefinder:

#1: Enhances your Estimating Skills

You must have all the time when it comes to ranging your target. Nonetheless, this doesn’t happen all the time. At times, a deer can sneak up on you unexpectedly. When such a thing happens, you might lack the time to pull out your top rated hunting rangefinders. The solution? You need to practice ranging from frequent use or before-hand. By doing this, you’ll manage to instinctively estimate accurate distances even when the unexpected happens.

#2: Helps you to Prepare Effectively for the Hunt

Do you have some hot spots you’ve always wanted to check out? How about you do some prep work before stepping out for the big hunt? Adequate preparation calls for scouting out the prospective area in order to know the movements of your prey. To make the area, you can look for specific landmarks or use something like a decoy.

If you opt to use a blind, to get the distance, you need to range the distance from the blind to the decoy. Do you intend to hunt by foot? If yes, it’s prudent to mark out a spot you’ll use. In this case too, you should range for the distance.

So why do you need to range the spots beforehand? It helps you save time, frustration and stress. Ultimately, you’re able to improve your accuracy and increase chances of success drastically.

#3: Assists you to Eliminate Guesswork

The basic feature a rangefinder is to give you the accurate distance between the user and target. With the mere push of a button, the unit sends out a laser beam to bounce off your prey and right back to you. In the process, an internal clock inside the unit acts as the measuring distance.

By giving you accurate distance, you’ll certainly be able to hit your target. No hunter desires to track a wounded animal because he or she couldn’t make a clean shot. If you do not want to miss, then you should avoid guessing by using a rangefinder.

#4: Helps you to Get Closer

As a hunter, you only get one chance to get your prey. The last thing you want is for an opportunity to present itself only for your target to speed off, leaving you tongue-tied. It could take some hours to finally land another chance. Fortunately, with a good rangefinder, you can get closer without moving in physically.

Some hunting rangefinders boast a maximum range of roughly 800 yards. Rifle hunting rangefinders vary between 600 – 1300 yards. An expert long distance marksman always carries his rangefinder when he goes out to hunt. With your unit, you can range almost a one mile distance without spooking your target.

#5: Rangefinders are Tough and Sturdy

Rangefinders can certainly take the abuse. Just because it’s below freezing or there is tornado weather doesn’t mean that you postpone your hunt. Obviously, this depends solely on your rangefinder’s quality. While some feature nitrogen filled lenses, which are great at preventing fogging, others boast waterproof capacity that extends up to 5 feet of submersion in water. Aluminum casing and rugged magnesium housing extend the life of a rangefinder. They offer utmost protection against any harsh weather element or physical abuse.

#6: Great for Replacing Binoculars

Some high-performance and high-quality monocular rangefinders are finding their way into the binocular territory. They’re doing so for a great reason. by purchasing a rangefinder, you end up getting two features for the price of one – distance and magnification. Some of the higher-end rangefinders boast a wider field of vision meaning you’ll not miss a partially obscured doe that you would have spotted using a pair of binoculars. Alternatively, you can settle for rangefinder binoculars that offer you the best of these worlds.

#7: Rangefinders are Highly Affordable

You don’t have to break your bank account to own a rangefinder. However, if you have the financial muscle, you can purchase high-performance and luxurious laser rangefinders. If your budget doesn’t allow it, you can buy budget-friendly units for as low as $100 per unit.

#8: It’s Convenient and Portable to Carry Around

Size always matters. There’s no doubt about that. Just like cell phones are becoming smaller and more intelligent over the past couple of years, so have rangefinders. This means that the compact and small rangefinders are the ideal ones. In fact, some of them compete with some smartphones in terms of size. For instance, there are rangefinders that hardly weigh half a pound.

#9: Helps you Avoid Shoot Something Else

The innovative rangefinder technology helps you determine whether you’ve hit your prey or something else. You might have aimed at the right distance accurately, but end up snagging the rock or tree branch that was in the way. If you are a passionate bow hunter, you should be on the lookout for features, which display your shot clearance. Such types of features highlight the area from your horizontal distance’s center point to the highest point. This particular area exposes obstructions or any limbs, which might be in the way of you taking your shot.

#10: Steep Terrain Becomes a Non-Issue

Whether you’re boar hunting or mountain-goat hunting, a rangefinder’s angle compensation features make hunting even in terrains a non-issue. On an incline or decline, your target can look further away than the distance you need to aim. You can try to calculate the right correction values and accurate shot angle to ensure drag and gravity don’t come in the way of your flight path. This can end up being such a difficult math problem. With a rangefinder, you’ll be able to get the correct horizontal distance of the target, which means that you’ll not aim too low or high.

Closing Thoughts …

Don’t own a rangefinder yet? If yes, then you’re definitely missing out on one of the must-have gadgets. From the above 10 reasons, it’s quite clear that there’s every reason to own a rangefinder especially if you’re into hunting and outdoors.

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