The Stories Of The Jungle Knife

Knives are indispensable items if you go camping in the woods or the hunt, an exploration adventure in the woods. You can go here to find the best tactical knives, besides that in this article I will share with you the exciting story about the knife is used when the forest

The Knife Is Used When Wartime Jungle

  • Vietnam War era, US troops, are equipped with weapons and utensils handy, intelligent and above all excellent quality. In a battle many rugged mountains with dense tropical forests as our country, an indispensable item for US soldiers, it was a knife of the forest.
  • At that time, while the army and our people used mostly machetes and sickle was forged in the furnace manually, American soldiers are equipped with special knives deforestation we can hardly do
  • US soldiers found a knife’s forests can be divided into two types; one serrated and lived a life without aliasing. The common shape is to copy but still looked slim, beautiful.Jungle Survival Knife


  • The overall length of 60-70 cm knife around and quite heavy compared to the conventional milling cutters. Although there is a point when carrying limited but it is very beneficial when used, by the blade will be very heavy when using force, to save time and effort.
  • About 45 cm long of the blade. Because it is made of 1095 steel special dedicated to blades are very sharp and hard. Just a knife that would have cut off tears off a tree to the wrist. This steel grade made sharp knives outside advantages, reliability, make it as dull; just grinding through US troops may have sharp back together.
  • Part blades are designed extremely meticulous. It is very fine grinding and three lines running through the blade close, very close to the new look can be seen, are sharpening the knives separately add a line anymore and redirects very sharp. On the part of the blade, it closes to the metal with the manufacturer’s name – Ontario.
  • Reinforced plastic knives, very hard to break, which is linked to the tail knife through 4 bronze rivets extremely uncertain. Due to production serving US soldier tall stature should stick part is slightly oversized in comparison with Vietnam.
  • For serrated knives on the living, are manufactured saw blades toward the officers to maximize the effect on traction, and when used for sawing the blade will not bend, distorted as when using thrust for saws. This type of saws “dragon” (also a more serrated knife towards the called type “propulsion,” but this type is mainly used by Japanese soldiers by where most of the trees are located soft type, the Americans almost exclusively use a “dragon” this).
  • The meticulous and delicate of Americans also expressed through the carrying knives. It is a bag made out of durable plastic or canvases a few. Plastic shells are beautifully designed with drainage holes on both sides, the drainage holes spaced about 7cm. On the hull, the near side of the knife handles, adding grinding parts. When the US troop’s blunt knife just flip it down and grinding parts, very convenient and fast.
  • Carrying knives on a hook used to hook to your belt or backpack. Hulled hooks linked by deep rivets closed to the investigation or drawknife to peel it enough to touch the knife. This makes the knives are kept fit shell, not caused by the collision noise when moving.
  • Peace was restored; the knives are used in many homes across the country. My knives are good quality so popular, there are places where people used to go to the forest, upland development with its function properly, especially cutting bamboo, firewood, even used to cut banana hash formula food for pigs.

Parang Jungle Knife

  • Most attractions of the knife against our people are excellent and easy grinding degree. Although a bit heavy and big considering the knife manual kilns produce a lot better then.
  • Today, although many were lost the impression of the knife found America’s forests are still very strong. People talk about it, seek it pretty much on the forums. Each knife can be sold at prices ranging from several hundred thousand to several million. A brand new knife and it would be for sale to more than $ 400. Despite high prices, but they are still very expensive restaurant as sentence

The Story about the Knife from the Mountains

Living year-round alpine was forced to use specific items to survive and cope with the conditions, harsh living environment. And the high mountains have created a sharp knife for his nation. Not only was that, with his ingenuity, the craftsmen in the high mountains blowing in the “steel furnaces” from forging unique. People go to the mountains or on the terrace must bring an own knife. It is flesh and blood attached to each one. So do be a good product to bring life was not easy at all. It must achieve both goals for production has shown the imprint his ethnic culture “.

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