How to keep it in the fairway

In golf they mow the fairways for a reason: You’re rewarded if you drive your ball onto the short grass; you get punished if you don’t.

Good iron play requires that you hit a high percentage of your approach shots from the fairway. That’s why I emphasize control off the tee. People say I’m a strong iron player. That’s nice, but it’s only because I play most iron shots from the fairway.

Golf is difficult from the rough. Unless you get a lucky lie, you can’t control your shots from the long grass, so you can’t hit greens consistently.

Think about it: When I ask amateurs how they managed to take that triple bogey at the fourth, the story invariably starts with, “I missed the fairway on the [left/right].” Bad scores rarely start with, “I ripped one down the middle.”


Belles on the ball

In search of a better image, the LPGA sells golfers with style

The rain was drumming loudly on the media tent at the Princeville Makai Golf Club in Kauai, Hawaii. Still, Colleen Walker the fifth-ranked money-winner on the 1988 Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) Tour retained a sense of humor. “Never a dull moment,” she said, laughing on the telephone during an interview. “In fact,” she added, “as we speak, the tent is leaking.”


Hunting Gear, Tips, Tricks and More: What a Beginner Should Know

As I continued looking at, contrasting, differentiating, and scrutinizing these sets of top of the line chasing boots, one odd thought continued striking a chord. I continued recalling the article in this same magazine that I had composed on George Custer and the elk he murdered in 1873. I even go to this website to find the best hunting boots. I considered what the boots more likely than not resembled that he was chasing it, and how inadequately they would contrast with the ocean of boots I had before me. Stunning, chasing boots have made some amazing progress!


The Basic Principles Of Krav Maga That We Should Know

Krav Maga is regarded as the most common fighting methods types for self- protection. As it started on the roads, it consists of the simplicity as well as convenient to know, but competent. This is established on the fighters’ normal options when confronting frightening conditions, hence becoming more efficient in real-life scenarios. With this martial arts type, both of them the fighters along with the opponents face a reliable situation. Actually, Krav Maga is a hand-to-hand fight process established by the Israeli Military forces that depend on the utilization of basic tactics, as well as a no-nonsense method.