Get it out, get it on, get it close

I’ll show you my keys to fearless bunker play

What’s the biggest difference between the average golfer and the tour professional? Bunker play. Most weekend players hate hitting out of the sand. Even if they don’t exactly hate it, they don’t often get the ball close enough to the hole to make the putt.

Compare that anxious feeling to that of most tour players, who would rather play from a greenside bunker any day than from the rough. I’m confident I can get it up and down from the sand more often than not-and I expect to hole my share of bunker shots, too.

The key is to have no fear when you step into a bunker. You can’t worry about leaving your next shot in the sand or thinning it over the green. You have to trust your club, your technique and yourself. Be confident. (more…)